Dining at Sagebrush

At Sagebrush, we provide three meals per day and snacks. Residents enjoy meals together in a large, central dining room. All meals are homemade meals, and we offer residents a variety of dining choices, including local favourites, familiar foods and specialties. Fresh fruits and vegetables are used when in season. All food is prepared fresh daily, on-site by our certified Red Seal Chefs. 

Our Red Seal chefs provide the highest quality of cuisine. The Red Seal program is the standard-bearer for culinary excellence, and their certified chefs epitomize gastronomic creativity, quality, and excellence. Every recipe they prepare will be in keeping with your discerning palate: even if you have allergies or dietary restrictions. 

Menus are based on the Canada Food Guide and are approved by a dietician. All menus are reviewed with special consideration given for holidays; special events and occasions; as well as residents' requests, including low sodium, low calorie, celiac, diabetic, thickened, minced, or pureed.

All menus are reviewed monthly with special consideration given for holidays, special events and occasions, as well as Residents' requests. Residents are invited to participate actively in a menu review in the spring and fall so that their preferences are reflected.