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Traditional Backyard Barbeque a Nice Taste of Normal

Posted on August 11th, 2020

By Barbara Sutherland

Residents at Sagebrush were very happy to be able to enjoy a traditional backyard barbeque recently. The beautiful brisk afternoon, food, music, and games were a perfect antidote to months of COVID restrictions.

Residents Soaked Up the Sun

Recreation Therapist Haley Wilde says the afternoon was a bit windy but residents soaked up the sun while Chef Santosh Sananse’s team “grilled up hotdogs and burgers and whipped up potato and mac salad, with fresh watermelon slices and ice cream for dessert.” While they enjoyed the meal at both outdoor and indoor tables, Hospitality Aide Ted played beautiful music on the grand piano.

After the meal, everyone headed inside (out of the wind) to play games. There was a lot of laughing and friendly competition as residents and employee care partners tried their hand at mini-golf, a baseball throw competition, and a fishing line toss.

Strangers Across the Street Clapped

An outdoor concert began at 7 pm with Jan Schwanick and her orchestra. “More than 30 people listened from the courtyard, balcony seating, and room windows,” says Haley. “Even strangers who live in the apartments across the street were clapping!”

A Remarkable Day

“It truly was a remarkable day,” says Haley. “It brought back a sense of normalcy which has felt so lost for quite a while. All the residents thoroughly enjoyed the day and had a blast, which was awesome to see.”

Photo: Residents of Sagebrush ‘soak up the sun’ for their first summer backyard barbeque held on July 14.