The Yarn Magicians of Sagebrush

Posted on April 23rd, 2019

By Barbara Sutherland

For people who don’t have a way with needles, creating an object from a ball of yarn seems a bit like spinning straw into gold. But for the knitting circle at Sagebrush, the magic goes beyond what is being created or how it is made. It goes to the heart of the community.

Yarn Magicians Not Just Knitters

“Our Yarn Magicians have been meeting faithfully since our community opened in September of 2018,” says recreation coordinator Lauren Johnson. “Week after week we round up a very talented group of women to knit, crochet, and of course, to socialize. Most of us knit during this time but we chose to name ourselves the ‘Yarn Magicians’ because we have several people who crochet and even some who latch-hook.”

You Name It, They Can Make It

Lauren says one of the greatest outcomes of this program has been to hear the stories of when residents learned their skills and what they have created over the years. Blankets, scarves, sweaters, socks and baby clothes; “You name it and they can make it!”

Where Louise Goes...

Louise Sjolie moved to Sagebrush in October 2018. She says her mother taught her to knit when she was only eight years old and she’s been honing her craft ever since. Her room is adorned with several intricate items that she made with just her hands and a length of yarn. Her current project with the Yarn Magicians is to create knitted squares that will be put together to create a blanket. Says Lauren, “Wherever Louise goes, a ball of yarn and her knitting needles go with her.”

This Group of Women is Truly Magical

“This has been a great way for both residents and care partners to get to know each other,” adds Lauren. “This group has provided an environment for our residents to pass on their knowledge – to care partners, visiting family members, and even to one another. Offering advice and gentle instruction, this group of women is truly magical.”

Photo: Members of the Yarn Magicians of Sagebrush.