Sagebrush Welcomes MLA Visit

Posted on September 10th, 2018

By Barbara Sutherland

The days and weeks leading up to the scheduled September 17 opening day for Sagebrush have been full of bustling activity. People are putting finishing touches on the building and grounds, receiving and placing furniture and equipment, taking part in orientation and training of new employee care partners, and showing off the new building.

MLA Gets Preview Tour

General Manager Tamara Thomas (right in above photo) says she was pleased to welcome Bruce Hinkley, Member of the Legislative Assembly for Wetaskiwin-Camrose. “He came to do a tour and find out what we’re all about and what we offer here,” says Tamara. “He spent about an hour with us discussing different needs and perspectives from his knowledge base. It was a very pleasant visit and I enjoyed giving him the tour.”

Connecting Care community mentor, Mary Lou Duncan (center in above photo) was on hand and joined Tamara in hosting Mr. Hinkley and answering his questions.

Peak Preparation

Tamara says most employee care partners are now on site, and following their orientation and training, they've been helping prepare for the opening. “Our employee care partners are eager and excited to start serving our residents,” she says. “Right now, continued training and practice fire drills are taking place. There is an exciting atmosphere around here!”

Making the Courtyard Inviting

“The landscaping is really coming along,” adds Tamara. “A lot of effort is being put into making our courtyard pleasurable for residents. Although it’s not completed yet, it is going to be very inviting with all the plants and trees around.”

Photo: MLA Bruce Hinkley gets a preview tour of Sagebrush, guided by community mentor Mary Lou Duncan, and General Manager Tamara Thomas.