Residents Hunt for Valentine’s Day Treasure 

Posted on February 24th, 2021

By Barbara Sutherland

There were ten clues in the Valentine’s Day treasure hunt held at Sagebrush. Each cottage was its own team and each team raced against the clock to determine the winner of a hoard of hidden treasure. Is it any wonder that competition heated quickly as the hunt proceeded.

Searching for Clues

The clues were placed in different areas of the main floor of the building, and each cottage cadre moved as one to discover each slip of paper with information about the next clue.

Tree of Living

Along the way, everyone stopped at the ‘tree of living’ to check for clues (photo above). “The tree was created by employee care partner Cheryl to use throughout the year to hang seasonal decorations. Right now it is adorned with hearts which residents created and decorated while in isolation.”

Treasure Claimed

“There was a lot of thinking, fun, and laughs,” says Recreation Therapist,Haley Wilde. “Cottage C was able to reach the fish tank (where all of the glorious treasure was hidden) in the least amount of time, and therefore were winners of the treasure. The treasure for the winning team was a box of prizes. Each resident got to pick their prize – anything from a new book, to some lotion, toiletries, necklaces, bracelets, socks, toques, neck warmers, throw blankets, tissues, and more.”


As valuable as that treasure box may have been, the dessert that was served later was as alluring as a chest of jewels. “Santosh Sananse and the kitchen guys were wonderful and provided the resident competitors with a lovely red velvet cake as a scrumptious snack for afterwards.”

Photo: Residents check the 'tree of living' for clues during their Valentine’s Day treasure hunt at Sagebrush.