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Great Connections Result in New In-House Aquarium

Posted on January 13th, 2020

By Barbara Sutherland

It started off with a visit from a local resident who asked if Sagebrush would be interested in the donation of a 150-gallon fish tank. Through a series of other generous connections, the tank was welcomed, set up, stocked, and is being maintained by a young volunteer.

Hoping for a Community Creature

“We were very excited when Ray Montroy offered us the aquarium and all of its set up pieces (a value of $3000),” says General Manager Tamara Thomas, “and we accepted it - as we had been hoping to have some kind of pet or creature in our building.”

“Once we had the tank, it stayed in storage for a bit while we tried to figure out how to set it up and take care of it,” says Tamara. “Then one night I was sitting at home with my daughter who was chatting and showing me pictures of the people and friends in her life. She showed me some pictures of a friend she worked with at the Wetaskiwin Swimming pool who had posted photos of his room with all his fish tanks in it! I asked her if she could contact him and see if he was interested in helping us set up our fish tank.”

Soon Daniel Was Here

“He was,” Tamara says, “and soon Daniel Briand was at our building, filling out his volunteer paperwork and looking over our equipment in preparation for setting it up.”

“It was decided that we would paint the stand a neutral colour, and Richard Chambers, who lives here with his wife Marie, joined in and helped us sand and paint."

“Daniel was back a week later to fill the tank, and a few days after that to decorate it and put in the fish,” says Tamara. “He now comes regularly to check up on them and clean the tank for us. His knowledge of fish is a huge advantage to us and we appreciate his help more than we can say.”

Joy and Entertainment

“This tank has brought a lot of joy and entertainment to residents,” adds Tamara. “They not only watched the progress setting it up but now enjoy watching our first five little Cichlid fish swimming around.”

Photo: Volunteer Daniel Briand set up the fish tank, filled and stocked it, and comes regularly to Sagebrush to check up on the fish and clean the tank. Thanks, Daniel!