COVID-19 Update
August 24th, 2021

Dear Optima Living Residents, Employees, and Stakeholders,

While we may be fatigued about COVID-19 and its constant presence in the news, there continues to be an influx of research and data that can make us wonder how this will all conclude. With the Delta variant on the rise and the fourth wave of Covid-19 underway in Canada, this is not the time to let our guard down. Let’s continue to stay healthy and follow the public health indicators. 

Rest assured, it is perfectly okay to take small steps as we navigate through this evolving environment. Take as much time as you need to adjust, and reach out to friends, family, or even to us for help and support if you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure of things. There are great people just a phone call away.

Take care and be safe. We are getting through this together!


On August 13th, 2021, Alberta Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, made a statement that the scheduled health restrictions that were to lift on August 16th will now stay in place for another six weeks. This is due to the rise in Delta variant cases. 

“We are not going backwards. We are pausing to monitor and assess before taking a step forward. If monitoring confirms our original expectations that a rise in cases will not lead to high levels of (hospitalizations) and we do not see evidence of increased risk for severe disease for children, we will proceed with implementing the next set of changes after September 27,” shared Hinshaw in a news conference.

Supportive Living
Existing public health orders for acute care will remain the same. Masks must still be worn when working in or visiting any continuing care facility, as well as any facility operated by AHS, Covenant, or their contracted service providers. For more information on current restrictions in these settings, see protecting residents at congregate care facilities.

Open for Summer Lottery
Alberta also has an “Open For Summer” Vaccine Lottery that is open to all Alberta residents 18 and over that have received their vaccination. Prize details and information can be found here.

British Columbia

As per Aug 25, 2021, BC has reinstated a mask mandate for all indoor public spaces in an effort to combat the fourth wave of COVID-19. Read more details in this press release from B.C. Government News. This order from the provincial health officer will require people 12 and older to wear masks in indoor public settings, regardless of vaccination status, beginning Wednesday August 25th.

Visiting long-term care or Seniors’ assisted living facilities in BC

• Visitation has increased at all LTC and AL sites, pls check with the site for the latest guidelines.

• All visitors should be fully vaccinated before visiting. You're fully vaccinated 14 days after dose 2.

• To confirm your immunization record, use Immunize BC's COVID-19 Vaccination Status Indicator tool.

• Safety precautions like visitor health screening, wearing masks in common areas, hand hygiene, and physical distancing will continue.

• You can only remove your mask when visiting residents in their living area if you're fully vaccinated.

• Staff who are not confirmed to be fully vaccinated will continue to wear a medical mask at work and follow safety precautions.

Before your visit, review information for Visitors in Long-Term Care and Seniors’ Assisted Living.

Full documentation can be found here.

Stay Safe. Be Well. Take Care.

Farid Damji | Co-Founder & Principal
Optima Living

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