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Chef Brings Art to Life, In Sugar!

Posted on February 26th, 2019

By Barbara Sutherland

Chef Santosh Sananse brought artistic collaboration to a whole new level at Sagebrush's Valentine’s Day party. He created sugar replicas of artwork done by residents. The results, as you can see are… Wow! 

A Colouring-Culinary Collaboration

Well in advance of the Valentine’s Day party, Santosh began planning and working alongside recreation and hospitality aides, for a project to include and bring delight to residents on that special day. They decided on a colouring-culinary collaboration.

Creative Embellishment

Santosh designed a simple whimsical heart and flower drawing for residents to colour. The drawing was printed out and residents picked up their colouring pencils. Knowing they were part of a very special collaboration, they didn’t need much encouragement to get creative and embellish their flowers with different designs and colours.

“After the pictures were coloured,” says Sagebrush GM Tamara Thomas, “Santosh chose a component of each resident’s work, and used his creative culinary skills to made sugar moulds to recreate the designs.”

Place of Honour

“On February 14, each picture done by the residents was hung up for display,” says Tamara, “with the heart-shaped sugar design proudly standing underneath."

During the party that followed, sitting amidst red and white flowers and Valentine’s décor, residents enjoyed delicious treats and listened to entertainment provided by a local seniors choir.

Photo: Chef Santosh Sananse (Food Services Supervisor) stands with the sugar creations based on the residents’ work.